Detailed weather statistics for Fløtmyr, Bærum (Viken)

  1. Applies to Akershus and Buskerud

    Thursday and Friday locally 5-15 cm with snow above 100-300 meter in Buskerud and west in Akershus.

    Yellow severity - moderate danger
    Orange severity - considerable danger
    Red severity - extreme danger
    The colour tells you how severe the situation can become (

    InstructionsUse tires fit for winter conditions and use caution while driving.

    ConsequencesTravel time may increase on some journeys. Local driving conditions may become difficult.


    1. Thursday December 3, 2020 00:00 - Increasing danger
    2. Friday December 4, 2020 13:00 - Danger is over
    Map of snow, yellow level, Akershus and Buskerud, 02 December 23:00 UTC to 04 December 12:00 UTC.

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